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Need your yard cut, bushes trimmed, or sidewalk edged? How about some house work or even home improvements such as: Painting, roofing, decks, siding? You'd be amazed at how professional quality can be completed at such low prices.



Bridging the gap with flowers.

Transitional Employment is a vitally needed stepping stone in a youth's life as they grow into adulthood. See how Lawn Life, partnered with many others in the community, can effectively turn a destitute mindset into a motivated hopefulness.


Finding solid ground lawn at a time.

How providing lawn care services, basic home improvements, and a year round Youth Employment Source truly makes a difference. Statistics, success stories, and what everybody loves . . . Payday!



The mission of Lawn Life is to provide disconnected youth with an opportunity to gain real work experience and
transferable skills. We provide under-resourced communities with detailed landscapes, reasonable prices, and excellent service in a very professional manner.

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